Huawey Mobile Services – Installing apps on your device – By Marco Cossu

Would you like to buy a new Huawey smartphone but you’ve just read on the internet that recent models don’t feature the Google Play Store? Would you like to know how to install your favourite apps on your Huawey device?

Today I’ll show you how the new Huawey Mobile Services works.
Huawey Mobile Services is the new interface Huawey has devised to provide its customers with everything they need to install apps on their new devices, synchronize their data, and even have access to special offers. Similarly to Google Play, the Huawey AppGallery allows you to get all your favourite mobile applications in just a few steps.

The HMS (Huawey Mobile Services), launched along with the new Huawey Mate 30, consists of a wide variety of carefully integrated features.

Through HMS you can create your own Huawey account called HUAWEY ID, which also allows you to save your backup data on a personal Huawey Mobile Cloud. Creating your account will also help you retrieve your device in case of theft.

Huawey Mobile Services, among other things, includes an app store called AppGallery which allows you to download, manage, and share applications in a very easy and intuitive way. Huaway AppGallery also gives you the opportunity to find special content, take part in competitions, and even win prizes.

Another useful feature included in the Huawey Mobile Services is called HUAWEY Phone Clone, which allows you to transfer all your data between devices in just a few seconds, and it works with most devices, even with non-android ones.

Among the varied Huawey Mobile Services there is also a fast and light web browser featured with tools to protect your privacy; an assistant that allows you to access useful information by a simple swipe on the screen; a Huawey video section to watch films, TV series, and documentaries in High Definition; a section dedicated to themes to personalize your device; and, last but not least, a service called HUAWEY Music that gives you access to over 50 million tunes and 1.2 million albums, coming with a three-month free trial if you subscribe before the 26 April 2020.

So the new Huawey Mobile Services, far from being a simple surrogate for the more famous Google Play Store, provides the user with a whole bunch of smart features that are undoubtedly worth trying and being used to their full potential.