About YouGrammar


If you are not reading this page in English, I highly recommend that you turn off the automatic translation on your browser. 

The website address is: https://yougrammar.com

Owner and Administrator:

Name: Marco

Surname: Cossu

Address: Marco Cossu, presso Cossu Antonino – Via Nuoro, 33 – 09125 Cagliari (CA) – Italy

Contact: yougrammar@yahoo.com

Yougrammar.com is not linked to any company, and it is not intended as a business. Mr. Marco Cossu is the sole owner and administrator of the website. Yougrammar.com provides people with content concerning English language for free. Any spontaneous donation to support Yougrammar.com is directly sent to Mr. Marco Cossu through PayPal, bank tranfer, or any other traceable electronic method. No cash is accepted as a form of donation.